If you want to stock great ready meals that are different from anything else and that customers will keep coming back for then our meals are the solution. Each meal :-

  • Is distinctly branded and gives a strong local independent message

  • Contains full ingredients, allergen information, cooking instructions and bar code

  • Is delivered and stored frozen ensuring no date risk associated with chilled products

  • Can be heated in either microwave or oven directly from frozen

  • Are a complete meal for 1 person

  • Has been tested against leading competitors to ensure it is the tastiest ready meal available


We will deliver to order or will visit you on an agreed frequency and will manage stock levels in your display freezer to ensure you always have full product availability

Browse our range of tasty ready meals below:-

Thai Red Chicken Curry

This a hot and spicy authentic Thai red curry that is bursting with flavour. A complete meal for 1 including basmati rice

Gourmet Cottage Pie

This is no ordinary cottage pie and has been developed from a Heston Blumenthal recipe with a range of ingredients that provide a rich and rewarding and unique experience

Butter Chicken Curry

A rich creamy and mild curry with intense flavour from roasted ground spices. A complete meal for 1 including basmati rice


Classic French dish of potato, bacon, mushroom, French soft cheese baked with lashings of garlic, rosemary and thyme.  

Beef in Green Pepppercorn Sauce with Pasta

Tender beef cooked in a rich green peppercorn sauce  served on a bed of our hand made Hungarian Spaetzle pasta.  

Sausage and Pasta Bake

Very tasty Cumberland sausage balls and a rich tomato sauce sprinkled with a garlic, cheese and oregano crumb.

Macaroni Cheese

The nations favourite ready meal and ours is the best.  It's very rich, very cheesy and with more than a hint of garlic 

Chilli Con Carne

Intensely flavoured medium chilli with prime minced beef, red peppers, red kidney beans and loads of mild chilli powder. Complete meal with Basmati Rice

Pork and Apple Hot Pot

The classic flavours of pork and intense apple sauce with a crispy potato hot pot lid

Ham Hock Cassoulet

Our twist on the classic French cassoulet. A filing thick stew of canellini beans with generous chunks of tender ham hock

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Tender chunks of best quality steak in a savoury Chinese black bean sauce complete with a serving of rice.

Seafood Lasagne

Generous amounts of salmon, hake and prawns in a rich tomato sauce between lasagne sheets with a melted cheese sauce topping

Mushroom Stroganoff

Sliced and button Mushrooms in a rich stroganoff sauce with cream, mustard and cognac. A complete meal for one served with rice.