About us

We are a family run business located in Sugarswell Business Park, Shenington, on the edge of the Cotswolds. We have a team of 10 great people who are committed to making the best ready meals available.

Sugarswell Kitchen is the retail brand of Mayfield Foods Ltd.  Our business includes Ofishial Foods where we have a range of over 100 meals and desserts delivered on our own vans and using a national courier directly to customers. We also provide nutritionally adapted food for medical research programmes on behalf of one of the countries leading Universities.


Our commitment to quality and great tasting meals has led to word spreading and we regularly have local  people calling in out our unit to buy our meals.


Sugarswell Kitchen range of meals which are based on our best and most tasty meals. Each meal in this range has been developed by us to be rewarding, nutritious, and of course very tasty.  Meals are packaged in recyclable ready meal trays and every meal is designed for 1 person to enjoy

Our Food

Every meal we make is made and packed by hand in our commercial kicthen by a team of 5 talented chefs. We buy all our meat and vegetables from local family run suppliers and only use British produce wherever possible.

We don't add any artificial ingredients to any meal we just use the freshest and best ingredients to make the meals exactly the way they would be made in a restaurant and then immediately freeze them to lock in all the flavour and goodness. As the meals are frozen they don't need stabilisers or other additives to maximise shelf life and the meals are given 18 months use by date if kept frozen.

Our People

Our business is based on and excellent team of ten people including Dorothée and John, the owners. All our team are local people and our team of 5 chefs are highly talented and are driven by one desire - to make the best ready meals available.

Our Values

We are an ethical and responsible business with the following values ingrained in every part of our business

  1. The quality of our food is paramount to our success and if a meal is not up to standard we will be honest with ourselves and make it again.

  2. Our success is based on teamwork and mutual respect between all members of our team. A bit of laughter at work is not just tolerated - it is positively encouraged

  3. We recycle everything we can and only buy fish from sutainable fisheries

  4. We buy British produce from local family suppliers for which we pay a fair price

  5. We do not run our business on other peoples money and pay all our suppliers promptly

  6. We never stop developing new ideas for new meals or to improve the meals we already make

  7. We are part of a community and will support local charity events and help local schools by offering work experience to students every year